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Christmas carol funnies: Swig some vegan eggnog, sing ‘Little Drum Circle Boy’


Twitter users bring the funny with these #ProgressiveChristmasCarols. Perhaps politically correct Grinch schools will take note and these carols will be allowed in the halls!

Who doesn’t love “Racial Code Word Christmas,” “Little Drum Circle Boy” or “Fiscal Cliff is Coming to Town”? Break out the vegan eggnog and get ready to belt out some of our favorites.

I’m Dreading A Whitey Christmas#ProgressiveChristmasCarols

— GayPatriot (@GayPatriot) December 9, 2012

#Progressivechristmascarols Joy to the world (except America and Israel)#tcot #Tlot #p2

— ne1 g0tz (@exposeliberals) December 9, 2012

Grandma Got Ran Over By The Death Panel#ProgressiveChristmasCarols

— Laura R. Charron (@ConchoQueen) December 9, 2012

Oh little town of Palestine #ProgressiveChristmasCarols

— Bill O’Keefe (@DefendWallSt) December 9, 2012

#ProgressiveChristmasCarols Joy to the World! The welfare check has come! Let Earth receive Barack!

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) December 9, 2012

#ProgressiveChristmasCarols Rudolph, The Unemployed Reindeer

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) December 8, 2012

#ProgressiveChristmasCarols We Three Czars

— Jim J (@anthropocon) December 8, 2012

Protesting Around the Holiday Tree #ProgressiveChristmasCarols

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) December 9, 2012

(There’s No Place Like) Mom’s Basement for the Holidays #ProgressiveChristmasCarols

— Ree F. (@LunaticLair) December 9, 2012

Can’t say Christmas. RT @amylutz4 #ProgressiveChristmasCarols All I want for Christmas is U….niversal Healthcare. #tcot

— Madeleine McAulay (@m_mcaulay) December 9, 2012

#progressivechristmascarols “Dashing through the debt, no budget to this day. Over the cliff we go, spending all the way!”

— Conservative Girl (@ConservGirlProb) December 9, 2012

#ProgressiveChristmasCarols I’m Dreaming of a Mandatory Ethnically Diverse Christmas, within the Federally Regulated Guidelines.

— ConservativeComedian (@GOPcomedy) December 9, 2012

And, win.

#ProgressiveChristmasCarols “Tingle Bells,” as sung by Chris Matthews

— Joe Beineke (@joerbeineke) December 9, 2012

More, please, Twitter. Santa is checking his list and marking y’all off as hilarious!

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