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Sick: Left politicizes, blames Gov. Walker for temple shooting


Answer: not long.

the #sikh temple shooter was a governor scott walker supporter #wisconsin

— ♔Maliheh♔ (@Maliheh_) August 6, 2012

After one of his former supporters goes on a murdurous rampage. RT @aterkel: Scott Walker orders Wisconsin flags to half staff

— mediapolitic (@mediapolitic) August 6, 2012

Just counting the hours till we learn whether the #templeshooting bad guy worked hard to elect Scott Walker.

— John F Dillon (@JFD8) August 5, 2012

#Aurora Co now #OakCreek WI – heavy Political states, #NRA, Walker, Ryan, Priebus, Bachmann Romney spreading HATE / LIES ppl OOW, poor

— Kimber Hussein Obama (@NLuvWitUOnly) August 6, 2012

While some were satisfied to link the alleged gunman in Sunday’s Oak Creek, Wis., Sikh temple shooting to Gov. Scott Walker, others decided to go the extra mile and blame Walker directly.

Lots of white terrorists in America. Westboro Baptist Church, KKK, some dumb ass skinheads, Michele Bachman, Scott Walker to name a few…

— SWF (@SWF6) August 6, 2012

The Koch / Scott Walker vision for America played out today in their home state. Somewhere, the Tea Party is saluting.

— Rush's Drug Dealer (@RushPopsPills) August 6, 2012

then why did he give then guns? “@sikhactivist: Governor Scott Walker calls perpetrators of Sikh temple shooting, "evil". #TempleShooting

— Chris Weiss (@chrsweiss) August 5, 2012

The left has had plenty of practice demonizing Walker, who survived a recall election in June following his passage of budget reforms in Wisconsin, and apparently there’s no waiting period for politicizing the temple victims’ deaths.

Don't forget that Walker doesn't think that the police officers and EMTs that kept today from being worse don't deserve their pay or bennies

— Chris Liebenthal (@Cog_Dis) August 5, 2012

While Cutting Their Pay Scott Walker Praises First Responders in Sikh Temple Shooting via @politicususa #topprog

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) August 5, 2012

GOP anal wart Scott Walker takes a break from firing first responders to thank them for saving people's lives. Great guy. #templeshooting

— Mitt Zombie (@ZombieMitt) August 5, 2012

This attempt at humor is certainly “too soon,” but it’s hard to imagine when it might ever be considered funny.

In response to the mass shooting, GOP Gov. Scott Walker will prevent members of the Sikh temple from registering to vote. #FakeNews

— GottaLaff (@GottaLaff) August 5, 2012

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