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‘Nothing funny about Sharkeisha’: Beating video ‘jokes’ going too far [Vine]


Video of a young female referred to as “Sharkeisha” attacking another person has gone viral on social media.

Here’s a Vine video showing parts of the attack:

If you haven't seen Sharkeisha…— in yo thots (@Fishesota) November 27, 2013

In spite of that being no laughing matter, Twitter exploded with mockery of the beating, including suggestions that there be a “Sharkeisha Week” on the Discovery Channel, along with Photoshops making light of the incident.!/BigNeechi/status/405810662913228800!/FaZeStyle/status/405803634245398528

Many others just couldn’t see the humor in such a brutal attack on another person:!/ImBDeLaney/status/405783130214514688!/xX_BeYOUtiful/status/405736187521822721

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