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The delightful Jim Treacher, the man who got the squeaky ball rolling on “Obama eats dogs” meme, decided to culture things up a little bit and began the #ObamaEatsDogsHaiku hashtag game. Because poetry makes everything sound more sophisticated.

tender and so rich/ now resting in my tummy/ she was a good bitch #ObamaEatsDogsHaiku #ObamaAteADog

— Charlie Shield (@CharlieShield) April 18, 2012

Sit, stay, roll over / Just kidding, I know you can't / On my dinner plate #ObamaEatsDogsHaiku

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) April 18, 2012

@jtLOL He loves "man's best friend" / And Indonesian cuisine. / (Is that redundant?) #ObamaEatsDogsHaiku

— Stephen Foulard (@SFoulard) April 18, 2012

#ObamaEatsDogsHaiku Bark, bark / I love you master / please don't eat me

— Juan Galto (@bbhack) April 18, 2012

Dog with just three legs /sits at Obama's chairside / Can't eat it all at once #ObamaEatsDogsHaiku @jtLOL

— chuck corum (@toyguytn) April 18, 2012!/Havagreatday/status/192661453545816064

Hot Dogs tastes real good / That's what Barry always thought / As Bo hid the buns. #ObamaEatsDogsHaiku @jtLOL

— chuck corum (@toyguytn) April 18, 2012

#ObamaEatsDogsHaiku I bark when you're back / Wag my tail and jump and bark / Is this my last day?

— Juan Galto (@bbhack) April 18, 2012

And if you’re still craving canine couplets, Ace of Spades HQ is currently hosting a special Hump Day poetry competition.

Mmmm … tasty.


Awww …

New Tumblr: Dogs Against Obama

— Stephen Gutowski (@StephenGutowski) April 18, 2012

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