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‘Best thing since Uncle Ruslan’: Viral vid shows FBI agent scaling open gate


“Uncle Ruslan” trended on Twitter yesterday after the patriotic uncle of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev blasted his nephews as “losers” and expressed his love and respect for America. But there was another unexpected star of the 24-hour manhunt coverage: a man in an FBI vest who truly went above and beyond what was needed.

6 seconds of levity from the painful Boston ordeal. Click.

— Ellen Carmichael (@ellencarmichael) April 20, 2013

Best thing since Uncle Ruslan MT @exbliss: LOL again, this FBI agent did not have to climb this fence #manhunt

— Julie DiCaro (@JulieDiCaro) April 20, 2013

This gentleman wins the award for fence climbing in style –

— ScottWheaton (@ScottWheaton) April 20, 2013

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