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‘Racist freak’ Donald Trump, target of Macy’s boycott, still loves everyone


The move to boycott Macy’s over its association with Donald Trump got a publicity boost last week when Cher tweeted her intention to join the movement to drive “loudmouth racist cretin” Trump and his clothing line out of the stores. A new series of television spots and tomorrow’s annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade have helped fuel the effort to boycott the department store chain and spawned a #DumpTrump hashtag.

Boycott the Macy’s Day Parade. #dumptrump #MacysParade

— henryford (@samleeconnell) November 21, 2012

Well one less thing to do tomorrow, will NO LONGER watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. #DumpTrump

— Leigh (@NCCaniac42) November 21, 2012

Anti-Trump protesters gather outside Macy’s Herald Square: #DumpTrump

— Angelo Carusone (@GoAngelo) November 20, 2012

BREAKING NEWS!!! SANTA CLAUS announces he will boycott MACY’s unless it #DUMPSTRUMP!!!

— chaplinlives (@chaplinlives) November 21, 2012

BoyCott Macy’s also!! Macy’s CEO supports despicable Trump! Trump needs a huge “Muter” inserted where he blows the loudest!

— BlueUS (@BlueUS_Org) November 20, 2012

Here’s a shocker: MoveOn, one of President Obama’s first White House guests following the election, has gotten involved!

PHOTO: Many disappointed customers protesting outside the @macys Herald Square store.… #DumpTrump @realdonaldtrump

— (@MoveOn) November 20, 2012

@macys #dumpTrump You should not have him as a spokesperson of your brand. I will not be shopping at your store until he is gone, gone, gone

— Brenda Kidman (@SurprisingWoman) November 21, 2012

Organizers of the Macy’s protests cite the fact that Trump’s line of suits is manufactured in China as one reason he must go. Many, though, can’t forgive Trump for his “racist” efforts to pressure President Obama into producing a long-form birth certificate. (For what it’s worth, Macy’s also has a deal to carry the “Truth or Dare” line by Madonna, who informed concertgoers that we have a “black Muslim” in the White House.)

Hey @macys ! You can’t have it both ways. Right now, you are allied with a bloviating racist nincompoop. You will be until you #DumpTrump

— ABWisdom (@adbridgeforth) November 21, 2012

I always love watching the @macys Thanksgiving Day parade. Especially the Trump Birther float, nothing like a little racism. #dumpTrump

— Daniel Shenise (@DanShenise) November 21, 2012

@macys Won’t be watching the parade for the first time in decades.Enjoy standing by your racist freak. #dumptrump

— Karen Zimmermann (@bridleparty) November 21, 2012

.@macys we got your cute little flyer in the mail today but we don’t support bigots or their companies. #DumpTrump

— Dauson Lovi (@dausonlovi) November 21, 2012

Time for a Macy’s “buycott”?

I’m wearing a #Trump signature tie today—to protest the boycott–available a @macy‘s

— Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr) November 19, 2012

Trump wasted no time in engaging Cher, taking a shot at her “dying career” and “massive plastic surgeries that didn’t work,” and he let “Stop [Glenn] Beck” founder and boycott organizer Angelo Carusone know he wasn’t terribly bothered.

No joke. Donald Trump is calling me a failure because I did not disrupt @macys parade prep. Sorry, but that’s not my style.

— Angelo Carusone (@GoAngelo) November 20, 2012

In fact, maybe it’s just the holiday spirit, but Trump wanted to let the world know today that he loves everybody.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone–I love you all, even my many enemies (sometimes!).

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 21, 2012

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