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Sports Illustrated’s Peter King: This year’s NFL coach, general manager hires are all white


Sports Illustrated’s Peter King wants you to know that the 14 coaches and general managers hired this year in the NFL are all white.

@si_peterkingevery Obama cabinet member is white. Tell us specifically which NFL organization is racist. Or are you just throwing mud?

— Soft Ball (@sball4715) January 18, 2013

@jiggsporklerind doesn’t matter if they’re white, brown, purple, black or blue. NFL is always going to hire the best available.

— MSB (@MicahBrunner) January 18, 2013

I love @si_peterking needing to mention “14 coach/GM hires. All white”. Is it possible that maybe there were no qualified black coaches?

— You don’t know me. (@RealHeyKennedy) January 18, 2013

If they’re qualified, who cares? RT @si_peterking: Fourteen coach/GM hires. All white. Just for the record.

— Lev Naginsky (@levnaginsky) January 18, 2013

@si_peterking How many owners do you think said, “go get me the white guy?” Trying to make a story out of nothing.

— Beth DeBruyn (@bethasd) January 19, 2013

I’m so tired of the ‘race card’ being used. It’s infuriating. RT @si_peterking: Fourteen coach/GM hires. All white. Just for the record.

— Shane Alexander (@Alexander1Great) January 18, 2013

To the media, hiring the best possible candidate does not occur. Instead, it must be motivated by hatred or racism.

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