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Former ‘Monkee’ to be cremated

Former ‘Monkee’ to be cremated!/TMZ/status/177178119407538176 Davy Jones’ body will be cremated … family sources tell TMZ. We’re told there will be a memorial service for the singer in Florida, though the date is TBA. (Click the link in the tweet to continue reading this story.)

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson reveals his junk’s pet name

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson reveals his junk’s pet name!/TheRock/status/203379658492870656 Okay then. The Rock’s fans let him know that he could bless them any time: I would like to be blessed by the @TheRock . <3 — Luna Rosado (@ulovebuns) May 18, 2012 @TheRock So is it wrong if I say I could use a good blessing right now?? #sorryimnotsorry — Hope (@AlwaysHopeinRI) May […]

‘WTF is wrong with you?': Cory Booker delivers a ‘knockout’ failure

‘WTF is wrong with you?’: Cory Booker delivers a ‘knockout’ failure!/Photog_Momma4/status/529473238221721600 It seems like Cory Booker doesn’t care what else you do as long as you vote. I'm going to vote tomorrow, but first I'm going to knockout game some kids at the park!!! @CoryBooker — Lipitor Charizard (@Spammyjazzhands) November 4, 2014 @Spammyjazzhands Thanks for voting!!!! — Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) November 4, 2014 Heh. Maybe […]

Woman spits on Romney supporter at ‘Wisconsin Women for Mitt’ event

Woman spits on Romney supporter at ‘Wisconsin Women for Mitt’ event!/PostCrescent/status/236564117480169472 An 83-year-old woman was removed from a ‘Wisconsin Women for Mitt” event after spitting in the face of a Romney supporter. The Appleton Post-Crescent reports that Mary Hoglund interrupted state Sen. Alberta Darling during her presentation in Grand Chute, Wis., asking “Why are you against Planned Parenthood?” After being shushed by Romney supporters, video shows […]

‘Emotional’ lib mistakes conservative’s Union Jack for Stars and Bars, cries racism

‘Emotional’ lib mistakes conservative’s Union Jack for Stars and Bars, cries racism!/charlescwcooke/status/288644067867373568 Yesterday, National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke noted that liberals seem to have a consistency issue when it comes to requiring forms of identification: Have you ever noticed that those who decry voter ID as infringing access to a fundamental right tend to advocate for gun background checks? — Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) January […]

Who Killed Lois Duncan's Daughter?

Who Killed Lois Duncan’s Daughter?

Lois Arquette wrote successful teen thrillers like I Know What You Did Last Summer under the name Lois Duncan until 1989, when her daughter was murdered. What followed was a twisted tale, with a potential police cover-up, a seedy criminal network, uncanny coincidences, and psychics — and a mother still trying to find answers. View […]