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Egged on by SEIU, non-union fast food workers strike in New York


After last week’s rousing success with Walmart strikes, fast food workers across New York City are feeling lucky. Hundreds of fast food workers are striking today for $15-an-hour wages as well as recognition for their independent union, the Fast Food Workers Committee. Naturally, the SEIU couldn’t be happier:

In Drive to Unionize, Fast-Food Workers Walk Off the Job #1u #p2 #fastfoodfwd

— SEIU (@SEIU) November 29, 2012

Stand in solidarity with New York City workers to move fast food forward! #1u #fastfoodfwd #p2

— SEIU (@SEIU) November 29, 2012

Fast food workers in New York City barely make enough to get by. Many of us make minimum wage — just $7.25 an hour, or as little as $11,000 a year. Meanwhile, the Goliath corporations we work for, like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, are part of a $200 billion industry. These corporations reap huge profits and shower CEOs with exorbitant compensation while most of their employees qualify for food stamps.

Damn those greedy corporations that employ people! Good thing workers and strike advocates are giving those corporations what for. How better to lobby for more money for all the work you’re doing than by ceasing to work?

“We could lift an entire segment of the US population out of poverty and intomiddle class” How? STRIKE!… #fastfoodfwd

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

I support fast food restaurant workers’ rights to organize and fight for decent wages: #FastFoodFwd

— Christine C. Quinn (@ChrisCQuinn) November 29, 2012

In Canada, thousands of fast-food workers are organized by CAW Local 3000 and other unions. Why not America? @thenation @wegoted @edshow

— John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) November 29, 2012

Inspired by workers involved in #FastFoodFWD & #WalmartStrikers. Your courage is sending a strong message @fastfoodforward @forrespect @ufcw

— Gregory A. Cendana (@gregorycendana) November 29, 2012

These guys have guts. Suspended McD Worker Jose Cerillo: “They feel threatened because I’m organizing”… #fastfoodfwd

— Lauri Lebo (@llebo) November 29, 2012

It’s a dance party outside Wendy’s with #fastfoodfwd, Fulton Mall in Brooklyn.

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

Nothin’ gets the toes tappin’ like a strike, baby!

Wendy’s picket line, Fulton Mall. #fastfoodfwd

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

“Hey hey, ho ho, minimum wage has got to go!” outside Wendy’s #fastfoodfwd

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

Unfortunately, doubling the minimum wage, as these workers are demanding, would put a strain on their employers and make hiring workers more difficult. Oh, and don’t forget about the chunk reserved for the Fast Food Workers Committee union dues. But, gee, that chant’s catchy!

Another worker just walked out at Wendy’s to join the strike! #fastfoodfwd…

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

Just saw something amazing – Wendy’s worker walks off job, joins picket line, crowd goes totally nuts #fastfoodfwd

— Dan Levitan (@levitandan) November 29, 2012

“Ain’tno stopping us now–$15 and a union!” #fastfoodfwd

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

Mic checking workers telling why they’re on strike. #fastfoodfwd

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

“I’m calling the shots because I do the work!” I love thiswoman #fastfoodfwd…

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

Strike for higher pay for a stronger NY! #fastfoodfwd

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

These boots are made for walking (picket lines) #fastfoodfwd

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

@hildasolisdol I bet the #fastfoodfwd workers would love to tell you their stories. Times Square, 4pm!

— Sarah Jaffe (@sarahljaffe) November 29, 2012

The picket line at Nostrand/ Fulton in Brooklyn. Around 30 ppl chanting “Stand up! Fight back!” #riseupny #fastfoodfwd…

— Isham Lakatos (@IshamLakatos) November 29, 2012

Heading to Times Sq McDonalds for #fastfoodfwd action. Out of the “restaurants”, into the streets.

— johnknefel (@johnknefel) November 29, 2012

RT @mkink: Why #FastFoodFWD ? NYC/NYS only creating lowwage jobs! #union + #minwage increase + govt action = better pay

— Job Party (@JobParty) November 29, 2012

We support you! RT @seiu Stand in solidarity with New York City workers to move fast food forward! #1u #fastfoodfwd

— OccupyMemphis (@OccupyMemphis) November 29, 2012

Fast food workers cannot survive on an avg wage of $9/hr, w/o benefits! #riseupny @seiu #unionize let the spirit of #occupy continue today!

— Ydanis Rodriguez (@ydanis) November 29, 2012

Unfortunately for the strikers, it looks like their nemeses are a few steps ahead when it comes to winning the social media game:

McDonalds and Walmart seem to be buying promoted Tweets on #fastfoodfwd hashtag.

— Charles Monaco (@charlesmonaco) November 29, 2012


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