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Tyrese Gibson in ER after (apparently) walking into a glass sliding door


Click through and watch the last few seconds of the video and see if you can figure out what happened. It appears to us that Tyrese (a singer/rapper) didn’t realize he (or someone else) had closed a glass sliding door. Not realizing the door was closed, perhaps preoccupied by his video-taped monologue, he apparently slammed right into the door. Now he is in the emergency room.

For some reason, many of Tyrese’s fans think this is the most hilarious thing ever:

R U ok? Lmao that made my day. I didn’t expect that. Damn ☺ RT @tyrese: U can’t tell me this shit ain’t never …

— Renee.(@ReneeWynter) October 21, 2012

@tyrese Now THAT was hilarious!

— CARMEN (@Carmen_Breezy) October 21, 2012

@tyrese lmao got me a good laugh, made my day

— MARTINIQUE J (@TopShelfMartini) October 21, 2012

@tyrese lmaohh rotfl lol damn Ty u ok?

— DaLisa D Henry (@msdee_63116) October 21, 2012

@tyrese OMG that’s was too FUNNY

— Neenah(@Neenapatt) October 21, 2012

@tyrese LMAO, sorry but had to laugh on the video..

— Ana Padilla (@MissCrazielady) October 21, 2012

We always wondered who watched “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Now we know.

Tyrese seemed irked that many of his fans found humor in his injury:

U can’t tell me this shit ain’t never happen to you..Don’t judge me assholes……

— Tyrese Gibson (@Tyrese) October 21, 2012

Apparently, this type of accident is fairly common:

@tyrese that’s happened to me fella don’t worry. Man that glass is clear lol #painkillers

— Daniel hodder (@whu_daniel) October 21, 2012

It happened to me also in the Hampton’s. I fractured my noseRT @tyrese: I had an emergency I’m in ER… Damn..…

— Vashti Rashada MUA (@ItsPinklipstixx) October 21, 2012

@tyrese iv done it so many times! Haha don’t worry your not the only one!! Lmao!!

— Jessica B (@JessBGlad) October 21, 2012

Here’s wishing Tyrese a speedy recovery.

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