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I Couldn’t Stop Laughing At These 23 Foreign Sign Fails. #4, Seriously? LOLOL.


Learning English as a second language can be pretty tough, especially if you grew up using a different alphabet, like most do in India. The primary languages of India are Hindi and English… but some things can still get lost in translation when going back and forth (especially when the Hindi is in Devanagari script). All of these signs were posted in both languages, but the English version got a little more than messed up. They get a B for effort, and an A+ for making me roll on the ground, laughing until tears were in my eyes. Seriously, these signs should never change.

1.) I hate needing permission.

2.) It’s better than a disgruntled counter.

3.) Jeez, truck. No need to be so angry, slow your roll.

4.) LOL, thanks. Solid blood advice.

5.) You’re right. I’m sure heated tigers are actually pretty angry.

6.) But why isn’t it open?

7.) Hey, sign, why you so heterophobic?

8.) Buffets never let you over indulge on people.

9.) But not rocks and gerbils? That’s all I have…

10.) Can we pee, though?

11.) Then I REALLY can’t move my car. Good thinking, sign.

12.) It’s hard to tell what this says… so let’s just pretend it’s “Have a good day.”

13.) As much as I wanted to… okay, sign.

14.) The sarcasm isn’t appreciated.

15.) Not a very convincing ad. I’m neither shaken nor stirred.

16.) So… the middle then, right?


18.) Dang, that dance party-or-something sounded SO COOL.

19.) Yet another person telling me not to eat cake in bed. I GET IT.

20.) This isn’t the clinic you’re looking for. Move on.

21.) Delicious.

22.) Is this getting political or is it just me?

23.) … you’re sending a mixed message, there, truck.

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