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What This Girl Was Forced To Endure At The Hands Of Her Parents Is Horrifying


Children with disabilities and behavioral issues can be hard for parents to deal with.

Fortunately, there are amazing resources out there to help families adjust and create the best situation for everyone. In addition to online advice, parents can reach out to local services to learn about what’s best for their children.

But this couple decided not to seek out help for their 10-year-old autistic daughter. What they did instead is absolutely sickening.

Police officers in Tennessee recently performed a welfare check when they received a tip that a child was living in a cage.

The tip turned out to be accurate. They found a wooden cage on top of a mattress.

The cage smelled of feces and urine, and had a 10-year-old girl inside. Her parents admitted that they had kept her in there for “years” because she has autism and it was the “only way” to control her behavior.

Deputies were shocked, and Child Protective Services removed the terrified girl from the home, along with three other children living there.

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The parents, Mickey Sparks and Patricia Laws, were arrested. They said that CPS had “approved” the cage area, a claim that the agency denies.

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