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Tearjerking Video Captures The Moment A Mom Holds Her Preemie Baby For The First Time


This is the incredible moment a mother finally got to hold her little angel.

After needing a C-section to deliver her baby ten weeks early, first-time mom Jessica Collinson had to wait 60 grueling hours before she was allowed to hold her new baby son, Hugo. Weighing only two pounds, one ounce at birth, the little guy was immediately taken to the hospital’s NICU and then, 12 hours later, he was transferred to a local children’s hospital. There, baby Hugo remained in great care before finally being allowed to see his anxious mother. It’s a moment that will touch your heart.

Cue the waterworks.

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First touches.

Posted by Micheal Burritt on Thursday, 24 December 2015

That was so beautiful to watch. Makes you want to cry right along with her!

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