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Fans thank Simon Cowell on second anniversary of One Direction


And on the 23rd day (of July 2010), Simon Cowell said “Let there be One Direction,” and the fans saw that it was good.

If that sounds blasphemous to you, you might want to avoid Twitter today as fans celebrate — to the minute — the second anniversary of the creation of British boy band One Direction.

Two years ago ,my world was created by Simon Cowell:) thanks Simon.

— happy bday niall (@snogzarry) July 23, 2012

On July 23, 2010, at 8:22 PM, One Direction was formed. I would like to thanks Simon very much. He is amazing. I love these 5 boys so much<3

— Baiza❤️ (@baizadesta) July 23, 2012

Thanks Simon & Simon Cowell is trending (: love you Uncle Simon & thank you for creating my world 2 years ago today @ 8:22 pm <3 xo

— 1DxNYC (@1DxNYC) July 23, 2012

If you have teen daughters you likely know that One Direction was formed from five solo candidates who didn’t make the cut for Britain’s “X-Factor” talent show. Pussycat Doll and guest judge Nicole Scherzinger suggested they team up and enter as a group, and the rest is history.

Thanks Simon…By creating 1D, you've made millions of girls happier than ever, not to mention saved lives too!

— 1D Updates (@1Dupdategirls) July 23, 2012

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