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This Teacher Was Caught Sending Inappropriate Messages To A Young Student


There’s a clearly defined line when it comes to student-teacher interactions.

While most teachers show love and support for their students as they strive to help them succeed, others take things a bit too far and begin personal, sometimes sexual relationships with the young people entrusted to their care. One Florida gym teacher is finding out the hard way that when it comes to crossing that line, there’s no getting away with it.

Recently, 44-year old Alyson London was suspended from her job as a gym teacher after being arrested and charged with over two dozen criminal offenses. Allegedly, she’s been having inappropriate communications with her former middle school student.

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London and her female victim began communicating last year via apps like Snapchat and Kik. The pair reportedly shared over 129,000 messages back and forth until September 29, when police launched an investigation.

The girl’s mother reportedly knew of London’s interactions with her daughter, and despite reprimands from school officials and having the girl removed from London’s class, the pair continued speaking.

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The teacher often referred to the girl as her daughter and the two would actively talk about the teen’s sex life. London even went so far as to discuss orgasms and other sexually explicit topics.

It was also revealed in the conversations that London had cheated on her husband with more than 10 different men.

She is being charged with failure to report child abuse that the girl alleged was taking place in her home. The teacher revealed that she withheld these details to avoid ruining her friendship with the teen. It was later discovered that those allegations of rape and abuse were falsified to make her life seem more interesting.

In one conversation, London revealed that she had “developed feelings” for the girl when the student was in seventh grade.

London’s husband became incredibly jealous of his wife’s interactions with the student, but both parties involved vehemently deny having any sort of sexual relationship.

London pleaded not guilty to the 22 charges against her, including solicitation to commit sexual battery, failure to report child abuse as a mandatory reporter, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She has since been released on bail.

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The gym teacher’s position has yet to be terminated by school officials. What do you think? Should London be permitted to work with children after this incident?

(via DailyMail)

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