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Wendy Davis spins article poking holes in her bio as GOP ‘attack’


Wayne Slater, a political writer for the Dallas Morning News, published a widely read article which outlines areas of Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ personal life that Davis has “blurred,” according to the story (had the subject of the article been a Republican, the word “blurred” may well have become “lied”).

A couple points of order before we get to Davis’ reaction:

1) The Dallas Morning News reporter is most certainly not a conservative:!/WILLisms/status/425363684337000448

2) Regardless of the reporter’s political leanings, he claims to have had no contact with the Greg Abbott campaign while preparing the article:!/WayneSlater/status/424904779844681728

With those things in mind, here’s Wendy Davis spinning Slater’s Dallas Morning News article as some kind of “dirty trick” from the Abbott campaign:!/WendyDavisTexas/status/425414463940866048!/WendyDavisTexas/status/425415589704642560

Nice try, but that’s a hard sell:!/DLoesch/status/425417627150737408!/KatiePavlich/status/425411167909986304!/KatiePavlich/status/425418341369409537!/exjon/status/425417405834088448

In spite of the facts, many in the media continue to assist Davis in her false spin that the Dallas Morning News expose is a “right wing attack”:!/zackroth/status/425354582235942912

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