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Tragedy strikes #SXSW convention as car crashes through barricade, killing 2 and injuring 23


The annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, has been marred terribly by multiple fatalities after a car crashed through a barricade in front of a popular music venue and ran through a crowd of attendees. Two were reported deceased on the scene, with 23 injuries, including 5 critical. Many eyewitnesses tweeted their horror soon afterward:!/rande/status/443983174670893056!/ATCEMS/status/443986924379049984!/rhettmiller/status/443990497783083008!/OldFlameRecords/status/443984715884670976!/davidSrauf/status/443990087437516800!/rhettmiller/status/443990497783083008!/Austin_Police/status/444000795323662337!/MotivePics/status/444016646374453248

Reports are mixed, but it appears that police were chasing the driver before the accident, and he has been apprehended:!/davidSrauf/status/444014307643121664!/davidSrauf/status/444015295351365632

Our hearts go out to everyone who was hurt.

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