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A Teen Was Snapchatting When She Accidentally Caught This Ohio Plane Crash On Video


Paige McVeigh was doing typical teenager stuff in her room when she recorded something shocking. While she was recording a video for Snapchat, something crazy happened. While she was practicing her pouty lips and “duck face,” she heard a loud crash outside.

She thought a bus crashed into a pole, but it was something much deadlier. A small plane crashed just outside her apartment in Akron, OH, and her reaction was caught on tape.

Tragically, all of the passengers on the Hawker charter jet died.

The jet was on its way to the Akron Fulton International Airport from the Dayton area.

Thomas Ondrey / The Plain Dealer

Thankfully, no one was injured in the four-family apartment complex that the plane hit.

Sources told FOX 8 that the plane was carrying nine people in total.

(via Cleveland)

It’s a miracle that no one on the ground or in the apartment building was hurt, but this is a tragedy nonetheless.

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