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Teachers Ignored What Students Were Doing to Her. And Now She’s Dead.


16 year-old Elizabeth Nicole Evans took her own life at her family’s home in Virginia after being relentlessly tortured by her peers. She endured severe bullying for years, being abused, pushed into lockers and assaulted nonstop. Staff at her school did nothing the stop it.

So she stopped it… by ending her life.

Elizabeth took her own life after enduring years of bullying… but finally giving up.

Her family knew the junior was experiencing trouble with bullying, but they had no idea how bad it was for her.

She loved to wear bright colors, hang out with her friends … yet she had to endure being beat up, shoved into lockers and put in trash cans.

Staff at the high school did nothing to stop the bullying. And thus her suicide.

Her family will not release how she died, but it doesn’t matter. A bright life has winked out of existence because of bullying. If you don’t think bullying is a problem, this will change your mind.

We must stop bullying and save the lives of children like Elizabeth.


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