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Fall Out Boy fans not thrilled with wealthy lib Pete Wentz’s elitism


So staunch Obama-supporting liberal, nationalized health care pimp, and million-dollar-mansion owner Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out boy wants his fans to just hop on a plane and catch his next concert in Mexico. Where he and his bandmates will undoubtedly “rage” against the 1 percenters.!/petewentz/status/495467034306543616

Dude. The young, struggling Americans who make up Wentz’s fan base had a thing or two to say in response to the out-of-touch entertainer’s flippant tweet.!/thetrohman/status/495467104595107840!/casturbation/status/495467115596754946!/onpatricksstump/status/495467135737819136!/thkspete/status/495467155643969536

This Twitter user says Wentz deleted a second tweet urging people to fly to his concert in Mexico:!/taylorsspirit/status/495673485906419712

How about redistributing the wealth, dude?!/jessquake15/status/495467216348123136

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