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Here’s The Perfect House For Anyone Insane Enough To Stay In It. But You’ll Probably Get Arrested.


School tours at the University of California San Diego just got a little more interesting. On the corner of the Jacobs Hall engineering building, there is a new, jaw-dropping addition. It looks as if a rogue twister from Kansas spat out this house, complete with Dorothy and Toto, and put it on top of the hall. However, it’s actually supposed to be there, looking like it could tip over at any second.

The house, called Fallen Star, is the creation of artist Do Ho Suh.

He never realized that this mind-bending creation would actually be realized someday.

The house sits on top of the hall, jutting out 100 feet into nothingness.

It is VERY securely mounted to the building it is attached to. Fallen Star is even fully furnished.

If you walked inside, you might temporarily forget you’d be almost walking into thin air.

There is even a garden for the little cottage on top of the roof, juxtaposed against the more modern buildings around it.

This isn’t Do Ho Suh’s first piece, but it’s one the people of San Diego won’t soon forget.

If Jacobs Hall was on my walk to class, I’d probably start taking another route.

As much as I love the house’s “just fell from the sky” feng shui, you couldn’t pay me to step foot inside. I like my houses to be on the ground, thank-you-very-much. Source: Visual News Would you go in? If so, share your bravery with your friends.

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