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What This Girl Did With A Simple Bone Is Mind-Blowing. Seriously, This Is Unbelievable.


Jennifer Trask is an artist that stands apart from the rest. As a young artist, she studied metalsmithing, getting her BFA. Once she began working as an artist full-time after school, she didn’t just use metals as her medium. She creates delicate, almost fairytale artwork out of something much more unique.

This isn’t metal. Jennifer uses bone.

She finds animal bones and carves them into delicate works of art.

It’s very common for her to use antlers in her work.

She also will add metals and other found objects to the final pieces.

The final results are beautiful and seem to be of another time and place.

She treats the bones so that she can more easily carve or bend them in her works.

Even though her art is fantastical, it seems almost natural.

And that is her goal.

She wants to make something that “I believe could be real, something that could have happened on its own.”

From death and decay, Jennifer creates pieces that are stunningly beautiful.

Her art is even more impressive when you realize that she can create something so beautiful and delicate out of something dead. She almost brings these bones back to life. She creates, “in effect a death of the real, the imperfect, the individual.” Visit Jennifer’s Web Site Here Click the button below to share her extraordinary work with your friends.

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