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‘My new hero’: Sharyl Attkisson opens up about why she left CBS


Sharyl Attkisson joined CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday morning and opened up about why she left CBS.!/SharylAttkisson/status/457929784509870080

Here is some of what she had to say.!/CNNReliable/status/457900760194613248!/brianstelter/status/457887542638292993

She also indicated that she was targeted by Media Matters.!/FastFuriousRace/status/457932101300416512

Her interview received positive reviews.

@SharylAttkisson thank you Mrs Atkisson for a wonderful interview today on CNN.

CBS is entertainment, not a source of journalism.

Cheers!— martin vazquez (@martinvazquez30) April 20, 2014!/kath_krueger/status/457898205741477888

Here’s video of her interview on CNN.


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