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This Baby Lost Her Pregnant Mom To Drunk Driving, But Heroic Teens Saved Her Life


One of the most dangerous things you can do is drive while intoxicated.

Not only are you putting yourself at risk, others around you are also in danger, and they didn’t make that terrible choice. A recent crash caused by a drunk driver in Illinois ended in tragedy, but there was also hope.

It seemed like everyone inside the car that was hit was dead, but then two teenage boys who stopped to help noticed something moving inside.

Hunter Hasenjaeger and Collin Barry, two high school seniors, were on their way home when they saw the crash and a smoking car. They stopped to see if they could help.

Alexis Danley, a 27-year-old woman who was six months pregnant with her second child, was already dead inside after a drunk driver struck her vehicle. The teens heard screaming coming from the back seat and discovered a baby.

“I never expected to see the mom how she was, you know?” Hasenjaeger said. “It made me feel good that we saved the baby, because, who knows what could have happened?”

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“The mom’s hand was on the baby seat,” said Barry, pictured on the left. “So I kind of had to move her hand and pull the baby closer.” He crawled through the broken window, protecting the child’s head.

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The Kenalld County Sheriff’s Office cited 23-year-old Jacob Kaminski of Marseilles for drunk driving, disobeying a no passing zone, and drug possession. The teens say they’re angry about the crash and hope it serves as a reminder to other drivers to drive responsibly.

(via NBC 5 Chicago)

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