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Louis Farrakhan’s ‘Wheel’ has nothing to do with Pat Sajak … Or does it?


If you’re like the vast majority of human beings on this planet, you haven’t closely followed the preaching of minister Louis Farrakhan, former calypso music artist, extremist Islamist, black supremacist, and all around anti-Semite. Well, it’s time you caught up on all the craziness … and Twitchy is here to help!

In short, it’s all about The Wheel. No, we’re not talking about the Wheel of Fortune. That’s Pat Sajak — different minister. It’s some kind of mothership from outer space that follows Farrakhan around. At some point, when he’s good and ready, he will climb on board to fly away from planet Earth and, for good measure, maybe kill off all of our planet’s blue-eyed devils.

Here’s some Twitter background about The Wheel:!/J_Illuminated/status/417164623947632640

The wheels follow #Farrakhan wherever he goes. Take it or let it alone! He knows!
#TheTime— Ilia Rashad Muhammad (@iliarashad) December 29, 2013!/CarlosMuhammad1/status/417147840368898048!/GrahamLatshaw/status/423665210642010112

That’s because UFOs weigh heavily in the gospel of Louie.!/LouisFarrakhan/status/421098815710441473!/Artisticpoet_/status/417147772677021696

And they’re probably gonna destroy America. Because blue-eyed devils.!/LouisFarrakhan/status/193831064991571968

In one of his latest videos, Farrakhan says The Wheel, the great mother plane, sits 40 miles above Earth, just above America, ready to deal vengeance upon our racist-y ways.!/LouisFarrakhan/status/320699120249602048

The honorable Elijah Muhammad, who is widely believed to have died in 1975, is actually still alive! That’s right. He has been broadcasting to Farrakhan from one of the UFO wheels. Never trust Wikipedia!!/Know4LIFE/status/387262402812575744!/AllahFearing/status/387050685843247104

There’s also a board game! Like Monopoly, but you don’t get rich at the end. You become a god. Or something.!/SDK2012/status/421697384687874048

But not if you’re a Jew, because you won’t let Kanye West listen to Farrakhan:!/TheFinalCall/status/416007439742283778

Jews! Always causing trouble.

We should also mention that there’s a new economic system just for members of the Nation of Islam.!/LouisFarrakhan/status/416285388773134336

Maybe it’s time for the Nation of Islam to create its own currency, sort of like Bitcoin except racist. Farrakhoin?

So there you have it. Ready to sign up to the Nation of Islam now? Because if you aren’t, you’re probably a racist Zionist who doesn’t even have the good sense to fear The Wheel.

Minister Farrakhan has been posting weekly addresses for about a year, each one an hour long. The first video has more than 124,000 views. He seemed well on his way to YouTube stardom. Alas, a year later, each video is garnering only about 20,000 views each. He’s probably hoping the mothership comes soon before his viewership dwindles down to nothing.

Wait, wait. Oh no. We think he converted Pat Sajak!!/patsajak/status/423655867523670016

Enjoy the mothership, brother.

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