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Paraphrased comment by unnamed senior official confirms ordinary citizens’ fear that Trump will kill us all


The resistance never sleeps, but as Twitchy reported, it does indulge in aweekend time-out now and then so its members can“reflect and resist”and maybe sober up after St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a strange time for the resistance. Just think: only days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Rosie O’Donnell let it be known that shefully supported imposing martial law in order to delay Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, and now Trump’s opponents have pretty much handed the reins to the not-so-able cast of Saturday Night Live.

Speaking of things that aren’t funny, thosepre-inauguration concerns that President Trump would immediately seize all power don’t seem to have faded completely. Richard Engel of NBC News tweeted this tidbit Monday:

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