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Lost Kitten Stumbles Upon The Catnip Aisle At Store And Has Time Of His Life


Here at ViralNova, we cover lost pets being reunited with their owners after days, weeks, or even years presumably spent on the streets or in animal shelters. But rarely do we get to tell the story of what our furry friends actually get up to while they’re away.

That is until today.

When this cat got out of his house, he wandered into a pet store and found the toy aisle. What he did on his afternoon away from home will put a big smile on your face.

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Gast in Pets Place Zwolle

Deze onverwachtse bezoeker heeft het erg naar zijn zin bij Pets Place Zwolle! De speeltjes zijn goedgekeurd! Na het speelkwartier is deze verdwaalde kat gelukkig weer opgehaald door zijn baasje.

Posted by Pets Place on Friday, January 15, 2016

Not only did he get to have the time of his life, but his owner came to pick him up later that day.

Something tells me, he was too busy with the catnip to realize he wasn’t at home, though. Play on, little kitten. Play on.

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