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Louis C.K. still fed up with Common Core after Matt Yglesias Voxsplains


Whatever you think about his comedy, Louis C.K. seems to be a caring dad and he has concerns about Common Core standards wrecking his kids’ enthusiasm for learning.!/louisck/status/460913063722774528

Enter known idiot Matt Yglesias with this “explainer” from Vox.!/mattyglesias/status/460914114098118656

Louis didn’t seem interested in departing from reality though.!/louisck/status/460948591243431936

Rather than converting the comedian, poor Matty just opened himself up to yet another Twitter pantsing.!/OrwellForks/status/460924908923400192!/exjon/status/460917639036948484!/AnthonyBialy/status/460936787188535296


Comedian Louis C.K.: Common Core makes my kids cry; Update: ‘Who is writing these?’ [pics]

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