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‘Oh COME ON’: The Guardian’s description of Wendy Davis is beyond absurd


Here’s how the sane see abortion booster Wendy Davis:!/kldd210/status/418567917735653377

And here’s The Guardian’s description of the Texas Dem, courtesy of National Review fellow Betsy Woodruff:!/woodruffbets/status/420760576298467328

No, really. That happened. The Guardian claims Davis “gained national fame for her efforts on right-to-life issues.”


Life? Uh, Guardian, you spelled “abortion” wrong.!/woodruffbets/status/420762446899318784

Perhaps The Guardian meant “efforts to make a mockery of the right to life.”!/TXTylerNorris/status/420767563648229376!/cd_hooks/status/420767622091649024


Hey, would you look at that? The Guardian has issued a correction:!/Sooner811/status/420941891438272512

The new caption describes Davis with the usual lefty euphemism: “Texas Senator Wendy Davis, of Fort Worth, has gained national fame for her stand on reproductive rights.”


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