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Why so orange? Harry Connick Jr. jokes about his unnatural hue


It’s not just your TV.!/DustinMurphy3/status/429283500382900224

While Harry Connick Jr. is a hit on this season of “American Idol,” the audience continues to buzz about his unnatural color. Is it good makeup gone bad? Jaundice? A serious self-tanning habit? A love for Cheetos?

The ladies love ‘em some Harry …!/Moochie_Hart/status/428723872280477697

… but viewers won’t rest until they know: Why is Harry Connick Jr. so orange? Or yellow?!/AprilJorg/status/428725927506214912!/beegee85/status/428721793478578177

Click here for video of Harry Connick Jr. and his orange palms.

Earlier this month, the new judge scored with with a hilarious “photo” of his bronzer addiction, but that didn’t settle down the judges at home. Maybe this will do the trick?!/HarryConnickJR/status/428725888364974080!/HarryConnickJR/status/428726913385775105!/HarryConnickJR/status/429115896175796224

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