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These 21 Kids Brilliantly Outsmarted Their Tests. The Kid Who Answered #4… GENIUS.


If your parents or family have ever complained about your time as a child, take that as a compliment. The hardest children to raise are often the most clever; they can just outwit their parents, making life hard for them. Take these kids for example. They knew what their teachers wanted them to do… but they decided to do something way more awesome. Most adults wouldn’t be able to think of responses that are this witty or clever. Even though these are the wrong answers, I would have given theses kids an A+.

1.) An understandable solution to the formula.

2.) Give them points for creativity. C’MON.

3.) A valid possibility.

4.) BOOM.

5.) Clever girl.

6.) What a straight shooter.

7.) … she isn’t WRONG.

8.) Accurate!

9.) Someone has Katniss Everdeen on the brain.

10.) It’s still a “beer law.”


12.) Oh how I hope they got credit for this…

13.) TOTALLY, dude.

14.) LOL.

15.) You were all thinking it.

16.) And you marked it WRONG?

17.) This kid knows his stuff.

18.) Yikes.

19.) The flair stars add credibility.

20.) Bruce Willis would get the job done.

21.) I hope he followed that answer with a mic drop.

(H/T Life Buzz) Those teachers must have had a difficult time marking their answers as “wrong.” Even if the kids didn’t study or didn’t know the answer, they were still obviously clever. Gold stars shouldn’t just be for successfully answering a question, they should also be awarded for sharp wit and sarcasm.

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