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‘Hillary for prez TV series?’ Purpose of CBS drama ‘Madam Secretary’ questioned


Among the new shows on the fall schedule for CBS is a drama titled “Madam Secretary.” The show centers on a woman played by Téa Leone who becomes U.S. secretary of state:!/weknowwhatsbest/status/493419417405882368

Any connection to a certain former secretary of state’s possible run for president in 2016?!/Gregory__Adams/status/493419765780582400

Didn’t think so. Others weren’t as convinced:!/Taxpayers1234/status/493419869371514881!/THE_DAILY_BLEAT/status/493420445988061184!/amr033/status/493426855534284802!/GregOlmsted/status/493427764372832256!/Cowboy__Country/status/493491442602348544

This would be a good one:!/NightShiftNews/status/493446462286888960

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