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victim? Get a load of Pia Glenn’s delusional persecution complex


Awww … it’s not easy being on TV. People actually hold you accountable for what you say!

After getting called out for mocking Mitt and Ann Romney’s adopted grandson on MSNBC, Glenn found herself facing the music. And she doesn’t like the tune:!/PiaGlenn/status/418036997627076610

How dare all those meanies have an opinion about her remarks?!!/PiaGlenn/status/418039761807634432!/PiaGlenn/status/418045237630889985

Much … what?!/PiaGlenn/status/418048181709320192

OK, for the record, we’re not on a witch hunt. We just expect a whole lot better than what we saw from Ms. Glenn.!/PiaGlenn/status/418048249074053120

Sigh. She’s more than welcome to say whatever she wants — and we’re more than welcome to call her out for saying something stupid.!/PiaGlenn/status/418053927486357504

But what she doesn’t seem to understand is that she controls what she chooses to say.

Somebody give her a hug, huh?!/PiaGlenn/status/418048482717753344!/PiaGlenn/status/418083872941690881!/PiaGlenn/status/418087080674074624

That may not be such a bad idea.



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