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Here Are The 23 Most Absurd Things That Actually DO Exist. Prepare For Weirdness… Except #5. Mmm.


There is one fact of life we should all face at some point. That truth is that we aren’t going to understand everything in life. There are just going to be mysteries we won’t be able to puzzle out. Case in point: it’s impossible to understand why any of the products products actually exist. Some are funny and others are just plain confusing, but you can buy all of them online. It’s honestly hard to understand why anyone would buy any of these products. I guess it’s hard to argue taste. Someone out there apparently loves, and will buy, hot chili flavored lip gloss. Ewwwww.

1.) A Nicolas Cage hairstyle whiteboard

2.) An app for rich people

3.) This heavenly bathroom for gamers

4.) This strange bootleg copy of the Grand Theft Auto game

5.) A genius snack: chocolate dipped Doritos

6.) A terrifying (but comfortable) sweater

7.) A lobster iPhone case

8.) Cameras that look like juice boxes

9.) A pirate’s eyepatch for your car

10.) This epic air freshener

11.) A Pee Wee Herman cycling outfit

12.) This Nic Cage work of art

13.) These accessories for your pets

14.) An extremely helpful (and not strange at all) craft book

15.) A nerdy Christmas Story leg lamp

16.) The worst type of chewing gum in the world

17.) A hillbilly frying pan

18.) The cutest, most confusing poncho ever

19.) A Jon Hamm coloring book (because why not)

20.) The best, kilted cleaning service ever

21.) A fancy schmancy Louis Vuitton waffle iron


23.) How to break up with your partner without realizing it

24.) The craziest Bloody Mary in existence

25.) This saucy Etch-a-Sketch

26.) A pillow that will always make you hungry

27.) The tastiest lip balm in the world

28.) Hopefully a hilarious joke gift

29.) Something to make your date smell delicious

30.) Panties that help you hide your farts

31.) An awesome use of SPAM

32.) The creepiest way to get a hug: by wearing this coat

(H/T Pleated Jeans) Even though it’s weird, admit it. You would totally buy #5. Share these strange products, they’re just too weird not to.

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