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Michael McKean: ‘Rush is going to have fun with’ Robin Williams’ Parkinson’s disease


Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, according to a statement released by his widow. Here’s how actor Michael McKean acknowledged the news on Twitter:!/MJMcKean/status/500008642771312641

Get it? Because Rush Limbaugh totes “[exploited Robin Williams’ death to attack ‘political leftists.’” Except he didn’t.

But who cares? Rush is an influential conservative, and in libs’ eyes, that makes him a fair target for baseless mud-slinging.!/Whitmore98/status/500009879776796672!/nbattag/status/500023811371454465!/ClassicFilmDame/status/500018978967015426

And then there’s this guy:!/meatheadsux/status/500010344207495169

All class.



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