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When You See The House This Guy Built Up Close, You’ll Think He’s Crazy. But Awesome Crazy.


One day, a man named James May decided to do something brilliant with a handful of LEGO bricks. He built a brick. Then another. Then… a whole house. The toy fanatic decided to build an entire house out of LEGOs in the middle of a vineyard. It might not seem very practical, but what it lacks in practicality it makes up for in awesomeness.

Most people love LEGOs. They are an extremely versatile toy that can be enjoyed by a child of any age.

But James apparently adores LEGOs, since he decided to build an entire home out of it.

The house even includes a working bathroom.

Sitting in the middle of a vineyard, the LEGO house looks a little silly…

… and elegant in its own way.

Each brick contains 272 different LEGO bricks.

Over 3 million bricks were used.

That means…

Approximately 816 MILLION LEGO bricks were used.

Now that’s a lot of LEGOs.

When completed, the house was 2 stories tall.

It has since been torn down, but we will forever remember this house built out of our childhood memories. I shudder to think just how many tiny LEGO bricks were stepped on during the entire process… ouch. Source

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