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Amazing Ice Sculptures That Put Edward Scissorhands To Shame.


Ice is a cool, new medium for some amazing art. Ice sculptures have been popping up around the (coldest parts of) the country. Whether it is a result of new sculpting technology or madness inspired by the Polar Vortex temperatures, the sculptures are amazing. Some of these artists are incredibly gifted and patient with their difficult medium.

They make this look easy:

1.) You mess with the bull…you get frozen.

2.) How’d they get the spots on there?

3.) It’s so hot that it’s cold.

4.) A Phoenix arising from the snow.

5.) Those are some huge earrings.

6.) Bursting through the ice ceiling.

7.) Better get in before midnight…because it’ll probably melt.

8.) More like, the Icel Tower.

9.) Somebody spilled something on me! Oh wait, that’s just him melting.


10.) Hot rod? More like a cold rod!

11.) Prince Ice-y mighty is he!

12.) This sculpture is monumental!

13.) The attention to detail is pr-ICE-less.

14.) Chief Icicles needs to send a message.

15.) Oh, so it WAS the Ice Age that got rid of the dinosaurs.

Apparently, people were so inspired after seeing the movie Frozen, they just had to make some spectacular ice creations themselves.

Those beautiful sculptures gave me the chills! Sorry, that was a bad joke, but share this article if you think these works of art are incredible.

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