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‘Unmitigated ass’: Did you see how David Frum politicized shooting?


Welp, it is a day ending in “y” so David Frum felt the need to expose his moral bankruptcy once again.!/charlescwcooke/status/379616327511470080

That didn’t stop him.!/FilmLadd/status/379622020058587136


First, Henry Winkler jumped the celebri-ghoul shark upon the horrible news of the Washington Navy Yard shooting.!/PoliticsOfFear/status/379622343082926080

Now comes ‘execrable’ David Frum to jump the ghoulish shark.!/weaselzippers/status/379621854031257600

Take it away, douchenozzle:!/davidfrum/status/379616224096706560!/davidfrum/status/379616855922454529!/davidfrum/status/379617283133292545!/davidfrum/status/379619818409717760

Beyond reprehensible. People have died, Mr. Frum. And you seek to dance on their graves mere hours later? And with idiocy?!/KatMcKinley/status/379619330821869570

The moronic nature of his “arguments” aside, Twitter users gave him the business for being a contemptible ghoul as only Twitter can.!/JammieWF/status/379617875389992960!/princy_lyn/status/379624871069618177!/sunnyright/status/379617383490400257!/baseballcrank/status/379622987655180289!/DLoesch/status/379623465487065088!/ThomasHCrown/status/379638696871358464!/RBPundit/status/379617339903205377!/princy_lyn/status/379623756999585792

One thing does remain clear:!/JohnEkdahl/status/379619372383223808

What sickening act will come next?!/ClarenceWhorley/status/379621221869953024

Stay tuned, sadly. The morally bankrupt have no shame. See: David Frum.!/princy_lyn/status/379623958472978433


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