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Terrifying: Journalist live-tweets airstrikes on Syrian city of Aleppo

Terrifying: Journalist live-tweets airstrikes on Syrian city of Aleppo!/jenanmoussa/status/233467686707920896 Reporter Jenan Moussa of the Dubai-based Al Aan TV was in the Syrian city of Aleppo today as troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime clashed with rebels. Moussa tweeted her reactions to the fierce fighting that included helicopter strafing and airstrikes by Syrian fighter jets. We ok till now. They r shelling us. In hiding. #aleppo — […]

Campaign: Ted Cruz 'unequivocally does not support legalization'

Campaign: Ted Cruz ‘unequivocally does not support legalization’

After the debate last night where Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz sparred over who actually supported amnesty or legalization for illegal immigrants, Cruz campaign chair Chad Sweet made news telling reporters reporters that Cruz “unequivocally does not support legalization“: Rubio had criticized Cruz in the debate for supporting legalization in the past. Video of […]

for Nov. 16

for Nov. 16!/JustenCharters/status/267777392632819712 #NationalPapaJohnsDay is this Friday, 11/16. Show your support against job-killing legislation by standing with them. #IStandWithPapaJohns — Harry(@Tark31) November 14, 2012 As Twitchy reported, Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter became the target of leftist vitriol when he announced that he expects franchise owners to reduce employees’ hours due to crushing Obamacare regulations. Dense liberals, […]