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Justice Thomas oppose affirmative action?!

Justice Thomas oppose affirmative action?!!/ChrisBarnhart/status/349621099023187970 Director Joss Whedon doesn’t care for conservative-leaning Supreme Court Justices. And that’s his prerogative. But instead of losing his temper and getting “physically enraged” about SCOTUS like Chris “The Hulk” Hayes, he opted for a much slimier, more vicious approach to registering his disgust:!/josswhedon/status/349620415821398017 Yep. Apparently it’s ironic that Justice Thomas uses his brain, […]

J.R. Salzman on Fort Hood shooting: PTSD ‘the old standby excuse’

J.R. Salzman on Fort Hood shooting: PTSD ‘the old standby excuse’!/jrsalzman/status/451817865402798080 We’ve heard from the conspiracy theorists about Wednesday’s shooting at Fort Hood, but J.R. Salzman, an Iraq war veteran, has also weighed in from his perspective as a wounded warrior. While we don’t yet know much about the shooter or his motivation, it seems it wasn’t the gun or medication that was responsible for the attack, […]

Harry Reid’s answer to crappy jobs report? More unemployment insurance!

Harry Reid’s answer to crappy jobs report? More unemployment insurance!!/OrwellForce/status/421675358094508032 That fake retweet is Harry Reid in a nutshell. After today’s sucky jobs report came out, Reid had the nerve to say this:!/SenatorReid/status/421673734957981696 Here are some data Harry’s ignoring:!/freddoso/status/421670133178707968!/Bigkick85/status/421675174035861504 Clearly extending unemployment benefits has worked well so far. So let’s extend them some more!!/Me_In_Jersey/status/421674193764110336!/ThomasRead1/status/421675052820484097!/redsteeze/status/421680855162318848 Hope you brought a […]